What is ICM coin and why?

Working in a research team from everywhere

We understand that a proper comprehensive research project requires individuals to join from various geographical locations. Thanks to the available video conferencing platforms, communication and sharing the recent research outcomes had never been easier. One thing that we all agree on is the fact that none of today’s achievements could be accomplished without getting into the digital world.

In a wide range of research activities

From publishing your research paper, participating in webinars, studying and teaching online courses, to the point where you decide to commercialize your research outcomes in a form of a ready-to-use product, the Institute of Construction Materials has your back. With professional world-class experts in the field, you can receive and share expert advice. However, progressing in a research project, especially if your goal is to introduce a new product/solution to the market, is always challenging when it comes to finances. Indeed, many talented researchers give up due to a lack of financial support despite their research being amongst the most novel ones.

Sitting on top of finances

Your job as a researcher is to focus on the scientific part of the process. The last thing that you should be worried about is money and getting the necessary supplies for your research. This is why the Institute had decided to introduce its own cryptocurrency, known as ICM Coin to make things easier for you. Regardless of your geographical location and the hefty currency exchange rates, the ICM coin lets you accomplish all the requirements within your research program. It can be publishing your paper, reviewing submitted papers, teaching, and listing your new innovative products in the market. You can earn and spend your ICMs inside our platform.

To list your product in the market

Now that you have reached some satisfactory research outcomes after several years of research, it is time to introduce your product/solution to the market so that the target society will benefit from what you have achieved. But still, product development is itself another milestone that indeed requires a fairly huge amount of capital. Marketing, recruiting staff, packaging, shipping, and customer service are only some of the points that you need to consider. And we are here to help you finance all these steps with the ICM coin, no matter which country you are located in.

Interesting! right?

Create your profile and wait for the approval. Once your profile is approved you will be given account credentials where you can access a wide variety of services including checking your ICM balance. With the ICM coin, you can engage in a range of research activities at the Institute.