Licensing Terms

All of the products listed in the Innovation Store those which categorized as commercialisation are tested in the laboratories showing satisfactory results for commercial production. The nature of laboratory-scale production differs from the production in the commercial scale, thus it requires both parties (ICONSMAT and your business) to establish an effective communication in order to fit the new product line in the best way possible. Before going further with the purchase of any products read the following carefully:

  • You’ll receive support for commercialization purposes for a period of 6 months from the moment your payment settled. This excludes the costs for supply of materials and equipment.
  • Depending on the size of your business a future contract could be made for expansion of your business in the new product line selected.
  • As we’re driven by the outputs of scientific research conducted, there might be a new type of facilities needed to be designed specifically in order to achieve your unique objectives and demands.
  • There is no refund acceptable after a payment made.


In this aggrement the following terms are defined as:

Licensor: ICONSMAT (Intitute of Construction Materials).

Licensee: The business entity which is putting the commercialization order.

Non-exclusive license: refers to the state where the licensor and licensee are both free to use the product or service, and, licensor is free to come into afreement with other licensees.

License duration: The timeframe in which the agreement is standstill. The licensor is obliged to provide support in form of consultation to the licensee in this period of time.

Payment provision: The configuration of payments in terms of timing and instalment is refered to as Payment Provision.



Terms of Agreement

  • The licnese duration provided with technical support upon the implementation of the product manufactoring is due in 6 months form the day the payment had been completed.
  • The payment must be done in one time online payment using our online payment gateway in order to notify the licensor about the licensee’s interest.
  • depending on the licensees commercialization capacity, the production capacity could be desinged after discussion. There might be a need for extending the licence agreement for a further commercialization plans.
  • This agreement is a non-exclusive license.