Thanks for joining our scientific online community!

The ICONSMAT’s free online education platform provides a knowledgeful interactive environment for the students and junior staff to enroll and learn from your latest research outcomes or even experience that you have obtained during your professional years. The interaction between you as an instructor and the students becomes highlighted as it is the most effective way of transferring knowledge.

This is a casual position that requires 5-10 hours allocation per student. The panel of instructors is designed to be used as easily as a drag and drop. You can add videos and quizzes to your online course(s) and track the performance of your students throughout their enrolment.

Duties and responsibilities that come with this position are:

  • Conduct research on one of the topics listed here. It can be any relevant derivative of the mentioned topic. Add your own knowledge and experience to the course.
  • Format the content collected during your research in a compatible way to match the existing platform. Please visit Course Catalog to have a better view of the course structures. You’re encouraged to enroll and complete one of the courses to see exactly what is expected.
  • Your online courses include videos, pictures, and quizzes to provide an engaging learning environment for students.
  • After formatting your online course, you’re encouraged to promote the content on your social media to attract potential passionate learners.


Please express your interest by filling in the following form and we’ll be in touch with you shortly via email in regards to the outcome of your application.

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