Online tutoring

Your course instructor is here to help you pass the online course modules

Our online tutoring sessions will provide you with a face-to-face training and Q&A program that suits your needs whenever you find any of the online course contents a bit challenging. These sessions help students who are enrolled in our online courses to find answers to their questions and better understand the materials provided in the lessons. We understand that some of the course materials can be challenging for newbies in the construction industry, as the level of proficiency required to pass some of the modules is sometimes the same as a bachelor’s degree coursework.

That is why we recommend booking a one-hour tutoring session with your course instructor in order to make sure that you fully obtained the knowledge provided in the course module.

In order to book a 1-hour online tutoring session, please navigate through the link below and complete the payment process. Once we receive the receipt of your payment, you will be contacted by your course instructor to arrange the best day/time for your online tutoring session.